About Me


Hello and Welcome to Style-Avatar

My name is Manju jain. Iam from India. Belong to a hindu family and married. Iam passionated to try new things, learn new things and explore in it. Style avatar is a lifestyle blog and a space for me to share all the things that make me happy (DIYS, FITNESS AND HEALTH, FOOD, MOTIVATING WOMEN POWER AND MANY MORE). I love music it refreshes me from any mood. I got a special fondness with TEDDYS.. And planning to have a special room full of teddys..

To nurture in todays world you need to face many ups and downs and a lot of hardwork but with little persistence your hard work starts paying off.
Blogging is a lot harder than it looks and i have made a lot of mistakes but learned so much along the way. Everyday iam learning new things and becoming more strategic and trying to figure out what works and what not.
As i continue on this adventure i want to share my experience with you: the good the bad and the ugly. I also believe that community is one of the most important aspects of Blogging. Which means iam also here as your friend and if you want to share anything amazing feel free to share by sending email to info@style-avatar.com